Stereotactic Needle Biopsy

Very specialised equipment is used to perform needle biopsy of non-palpable breast lesions, visible only on mammography.

The procedure normally takes around 30 minutes.

The consultant radiologist performs the examination by placing a needle accurately into the lesion, using computer guidance and removing sample cells, which are sent for analysis.

The cytopathology results are available in 48 hours.

Suros™ Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy

Surgical removal of benign breast lumps

A surgical operation under general anaesthetic to have a benign lump removed is a daunting prospect for any woman and usually involves an overnight stay in hospital. For most women this no longer necessary.

Minimally invasive procedure

This has all changed with the introducation of a new and advanced vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system at the Princess Grace Hospital, the first such system in Europe. Benign breast masses can be removed quickley and efficiently without the need for general anaesthetic or an overnight stay in hospital. There is minimal scarring with no stitches, a faster recovery time and patients can return home shortly after the removal of a lump. What used to be a 90 minute surgical operation is now a considerably shorter, minimally invasive procedure with a tiny incision, and is far more comfortable for all women. The procedure takes five minutes of less, and the patient is in the department for approximately 30-45 minutes only. This approach mirrors the release of NICE guidelines in 2006.

Using the technology of the Suros™ ATEC™(Automated Tissue Excision and Collection) system, the expert team at The Princess Grace can now remove non-cancerous lumps of up to 3cm in size in five minutes of less under local anaesthetic.

Suros™ Surgical System

A major advancement in clinical equipment, the Suros™ system enables clinicians to accurately remove non-cancerous masses of the breast in a minimally invasive way, using accurate targeting under ultrasound guidance. As the needle enters the breast an aperture in the needle opens and a vacuum gently pulls down the targeted tussue. A sophisticated and patented rotating cutting system acquires tissue, which is then pulled throught the hand piece and into a tissue collection filter unit until the lump has been removed.


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