Self Examination

Step 1

Stand in front of the mirror and look carefully at your breasts. Notice any new difference in size or shape between the breasts, any puckering of the skin or alteration of the nipple. Slight changes are easier to see if you stand with the light coming from the side. Now raise your arms above your head looking for any changes in the contour of your breast. It is not abnormal for your breasts to be of uneven size.

Step 2

Lying down examine your right breast with your left hand keeping your fingers straight and close together.

The best time to check is a day or two after you have finished your period.

(Never pinch up your breast as this may cause you to feel lumps even in a perfectly normal breast).

Step 3

Using moderately firm pressure, slide your hand over your breast, starting under the arm, moving across the breast and over the nipple. Repeat this action until you have examined the whole of your breast.

Now repeat the whole examination on your left breast using your right hand. (Some women find it easier to do this in the bath with a soapy hand).

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